Natural Nylon Sheets 36in x 48in

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Nylon is available in a variety of specialty formulas. Molybdenum disulphide-filled (MOS2) and oil-filled nylons are most popular because of their enhanced wear properties often eliminating the need for external lubrication.

Heat stabilized nylon withstands higher operating temperatures and is used for enhanced strength and stiffness.

Nylon is available in glass-filled grades and is FDA compliant as a natural grade nylon with direct food contact.

Nylon has outstanding wear resistance and good slide properties and is used in a wide range of applications including the following:

  • Gear wheels and Cam discs
    • Friction strips and bearings
    • Bushes and spindle nuts
    • Piston guides
    • Castors
    • Impact plates and damping plates
    • Conveyor screws
    • Rope pulleys

Available in standard sheet size: 24” x 48” – Customs sizes Available upon Request

Thickness range: 1/8” to 3”

Standard Rod size: ¼” to 12” diameter

Available in standard lengths: 2’, 4’ & 10’ long


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