Machinable Wax – Rod – 0.85″ x 12″

$39.14 CAD


General Properties and Applications

Machinable wax rods are highly versatile due to their useful properties. These easy-to-use wax rods exhibit exceptional machinability, allowing for precise and intricate designs to be created with minimal effort. Additionally, machinable wax rods are non-abrasive, reducing tool wear and tear while also providing a reusable and eco-friendly material option.  

When you buy machinable wax rods online, you unlock a multitude of possibilities for various industrial and creative applications. These versatile materials are commonly used in the creation of prototypes, moulds, and patterns for industries such as automotive, aerospace, and dental, as well as for jewelry design and art. The dimensional stability and low thermal expansion of these wax rods make them an ideal choice for creating complex parts, moulds, or patterns, ensuring accurate and consistent results every time. 

Machinable wax is an extremely hard wax with a high melting point that has been designed to deliver exceptional machining properties with high-resolution detail. 

Principle Uses:

  • Prototyping 
  • Dental CAD/CAM 
  • Jewelry manufacturing 
  • Mould making 
  • Turbines and pump impellers manufacturing 


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