Acetal Rod (Black) 1″

$9.60 CAD per ft

Product Price

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Weight 0.07 lbs / in
Dimensions 1in
Max Length 6ft

Maximum length per Acetal rod is 6′.

Sizes may be slightly larger than specified.

General Properties and Applications

Acetal rods benefit from quite a few characteristics. They have high strength and stiffness but are easy to machine making them suited for many different applications. As a semi-crystalline material, acetal rods also possess a low coefficient of friction and good wear properties—especially in wet environments.

You can buy acetal rods online in different sizes to suit the needs of your project. Acetal rods are regularly used for applications like close tolerance mechanical parts and electrical insulators which require strength and stiffness. Its resistance to many kinds of chemicals also makes it useful for a wide range of uses too.

Acetal plastic is a kind of thermoplastic. Thus, when it turns into a liquid at its melting point. However, it has the ability to be heated, melted, cooled, and heated again without significant degradation. Because acetal absorbs minimal amounts of moisture, its physical properties also remain constant in a variety of environments. Plus, acetal can be recycled, making it a more environmentally-friendly kind of plastic.

Principle Uses:

  • Mechanical parts
  • Electrical insulators

Additional information

Weight 0.84 lbs / ft
Dimensions 1 × 1 in


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