Coloured Cladding

Looking for a unique look or specialized material for your
next project? Millennium Alloys is an exclusive supplier
for DSP Co., Ltd.’s coloured cladding.

DSP has become a leading manufacturer of architectural stainless steel and other cladding products since their establishment in 1988. They supply a world-class cladding finishing material for both architectural and industrial applications. DSP’s Advanced Technology of Roll 2 Roll Titanium Ion Coating (PVD) and Nano Ceramic Coating (NCC) provides unique coloured cladding for a variety of uses. Solid Sheet/Coil (PVD + NCC Coating, F-coating) has passed reliability tests and is currently used in applications for construction materials and industrial materials such as automobiles and home appliances.


What is Ti-PVD?

PVD = Physical Vapor Deposition
Roll to Roll PVD is exclusive to DSP products
Titanized Stainless Steel Surface (Sputtering titanium ions onto stainless steel surface)

Roll To Roll PVD Coating Advantages

Stronger Surface Hardness than Normal STS
Color & Quality Uniformity by Coil to Coil Coating
Great Workability even 10mm & 180° bending possibility

What is NCC?

NCC = Nano Ceramic Coating
Organic & Inorganic Hybrid Functional Coating
Anti-Finger Print / Easy Cleaning / Anti-Bacteria according to Coating Ratio

NCC Coating Advantages

Additional Protection, Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Scratch and Easy Cleaning
Various Colors
Great Workability even 10mm & 180° bending possibility

What is F-Coating?

F-Coating = Fluoride Coating
Suitable for Exterior Building Material.
It has High Weatherability & Corrosion Resistance

F-Coating Material Advantages

Functional Coating, High Weatherability (Good Durability to UV Light & Humidity)
Real Metal Texture, Various Colors
Great Workability even 10mm & 180° bending possibility

Highly-Efficient, Extensive Roll to Roll System
Excellent Color Stability, Uniformity, and Repeatability with Cost Efficiency by Roll to Roll Process.

Eco-Friendly Material & High Durability
USA Eco-Friendly Certification “GREEN GUARD” acquired Product with High Surface Strength, Durability and Corrosion Resistance.

Elegant and Luxurious Surface Texture
Various Colored Ti-ion Coating (PVD) + Nano Ceramic Coating (NCC)

Excellent Fire Resistance
Excellent Non-Combustible material will safely ensure you Fire Resistance in various applications.

Excellent Damping Properties
With Adhesive Technology of different Metals, High Damping Properties are presented.

Excellent Economic Efficiency
We produced Laminated Sheet with Surface Treated Stainless Steel for the Reasonable Price. Economically Efficient compared to Regular Solid Sheets.

Excellent Processability
Excellent Adhesive strength provides Processability with durability which can be bent as low as 7mm.

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